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Black Country Cinema is a collective of four film makers based in the old industrialised region of the West Midlands known as The Black Country. Passionate about real cinema, we aim and hope to portray The Black Country and British Culture as honestly and authentically as possible through film.


Pooling our various culture's, backgrounds and experiences, we strive to create a cinematic identity that is honest and thoughtful in its content and minimalistic in its approach.


"Real filmmaking, beautifully shot and cut"

- Mark Cousins

Coffee in Winter poster

Coffee in Winter

When a young married professional quits his job to pursue a career in photography, he gradually reveals the emptiness of his relationship with his wife as he begins to deeply connect with a German student.


Inspired by the films of Hou Hsiao-Hsien, Coffee in Winter is a slow paced poetic drama that subtly unearths issues with the marriage and status culture in British Indian society.


Running time:  95mins

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Sonata of a Webcam Girl

A poetic portrait of a 19 year old webcam model that ran away from her middle class family to pursue a failed career in glamour modelling. Despite making most of her money on adult webcam shows, her classical music and well to do past still resonates with her.


Running time: 6:45mins

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Walk 17 poster

Walk 17

We interviewed various people from the B68 area to find out how they start their week.


We came across a young part-time postman who talks to us about a place he likes to visit whilst on his route. The route he was on at the time was called Walk 17.


Running time:  3:18mins

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Kyoko Miyake at Berlin

Kyoko Miyake: From History to Cinema

Winner of the Berlin Today Award Kyoko Miyake talks to us about her philosophies on the documentary medium.

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Black Country Stories poster

Black Country Stories

Commissioned by UK arts organisation Multistory, the Black Country Stories project is a series of four films exploring the everyday lives of the Black Country people.


Each film was directed by a different member of the collective.


Running time:  60mins

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Marc Isaacs

Marc Isaacs: The Separation of Journalism & Documentary

Acclaimed film maker Marc Isaacs talks to us about the importance of aesthetics in documentary and the problem with Britain’s journalistic attitude towards the medium.

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